Polls. Politics. Publicity. Propaganda.

Public opinion polls, “Awards,” and naming things is just fluff (propaganda)

You should ask yourself: What is the purpose of those polls “naming” things “best?”

The NJ “chapter” of the American Planning Association recently held an online poll for people to “vote” on which city had the “best” downtown. Oddly, for north Jersey, voters only had four to choose from. Hoboken, Morristown, Jersey City and Montclair. And of the roughly 7,000 votes, about 2,500 went to Hoboken.

So out of 9 million people who live in New Jersey, less than ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT of the state “voted” (0.1%), and Hoboken is thereby “named” BEST DOWNTOWN!

APA great downtowns People's Choice Hoboken NJ

(How can it be "people's choice" when only 0.03% of the "people" said so?)

Such a rigged “poll!” It has no true merit!

For one how do we even know the poll was done accurately? Maybe whichever “mayor” schmoozed better (or offered future contracts) got the distinction of being “named” best this year?

And why only four cities? Who decreed that out of the over 550 municipalities in the state that none were “better” than those four? Fuck you! Says who?

The sugar-coated press releases gush about how great things are (and that we absolutely NEED “planners,” otherwise it will all fall apart! Wait a minute, shit falls apart all the time even WITH a boatload of “planners.” So what good are they anyway?), and how businesses are “retained” because of such superior “planning.”

Nowhere are the quoted puppets and “association presidents” mentioning the every day, real-world doomed businesses, crumbling infrastructure, or mounds of homeless turds on park benches.

But I have to say this though, almost every downtown in every city has something good going for it. To single out just a handful is just so limiting, shallow and makes you wonder what the point of it all was.

Hoboken flooding businesses homeless turds best in NJ

(They left some things off the poll, no?)

Cui Bono? Why all the attention?

The APA bills itself as an “Independent, not-for-profit educational organization that provides leadership in the development of living communities.”

Yet they charge membership, get millions of “gubbmint money” redirected given to them (from the people really), and are “involved” with so many levels of government (local, state, federal.) Why? Can’t we do things on our own without some “group” of people meddling? It’s really just another kind of controlling agency in disguise. They influence people, special interests and so on.

Just remember, most of what makes a city A CITY are the residents and businesses that choose to set up shop. Not the local government or some agency. In fact several great businesses have left Hoboken because of how hard the city makes doing business here.

So this “poll” was just to make it appear that they have relevance. To “keep them on the radar,” and give them attention. Nothing more. If you can’t see that – then well, I got a bridge to sell you.

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