Farina’s non-compliance is challenged


Some Hoboken residents are very concerned by the ongoing lack of compliance that James “Jimmy” Farina, current City Clerk and Board of Ed member, has with last year’s election reports (ELEC.)

Read more about the ELEC non-compliance below.

Farina and ELEC Reports

The 2008 school board elections are rapidly approaching. Hoboken City Clerk James J. Farina, responsible for overseeing election activities in Hoboken, is defiantly non-compliant with fundamental state election laws regarding his own campaign activities last year. He himself was a candidate and the sitting president of that school board – and heading up a ticket of other municipal school board incumbents co-operating with his lead in such blatant violation of well-established laws. These violations are severe enough to carry criminal penalties. That this unreported joint candidates committee’s campaign manager, Anthony Romano, was a fellow school board incumbent and Hoboken police captain only emphasizes and exacerbates this arrogant flouting of seminal election law. This criminal and on-going abuse of the voting public’s trust is unacceptable and must be challenged.

In April of 2007, Farina ran for re-election to the Hoboken Board of Education with a slate of candidates running under the banner “Committed to Hoboken’s Children” (CHC). Farina was successful in his bid for re-election. His running-mates Wanda Santana-Alicea and Theresa Burns – both also running for re-election – and Magdalena Porrata – running for a one-year seat – were unsuccessful.


To date, the CHC joint candidates committee has not filed any campaign finance account reports with the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC). (Candidate Theresa Burns filed an individual report separate from CHC)

According to ELEC, any candidate committee or joint candidates committee that receives contributions and makes expenditures must file ELEC form D-1 or D-2, designating a treasurer and campaign depository. Spending in excess of $9700 requires additional filings which detail contributions and expenditures. The final passage below cites the criminal penalty attendant to such failure to file.

A color campaign flyer, mailed citywide, and three ads placed in the local Hoboken Reporter by CHC clearly indicate that funds were received and spent. At minimum, the D-2 form should have been filed. Estimates of campaign costs suggest that expenditures may have exceeded the $9700 threshold level, triggering further filing responsibilities.

Election campaign finance laws were created to allow the public see how candidates are financing their campaigns; these laws also set contribution limits that curb the undue influence of money from entities that would seek to exchange money for favored consideration. ELEC filings allow us to monitor campaign contributions and spending. James Farina and his CHC co-candidates have chosen to disregard state law and hide their activities from public view. Mr. Farina has sat on the Hoboken Board of Education for 33 years. As both a long-time Board member and City Clerk, he should know better.

NJSA 19:44A-21. Criminal penalties; forfeiture of office

  • 21. a. Any person who purposely and with intent to conceal or misrepresent contributions given or received or expenditures made or incurred to aid or promote the nomination, election or defeat of any candidate for public office or party position, or to aid or promote the passage or defeat of a public question in any election, or to aid the dissemination of political information in connection with any election makes or accepts any contribution or makes or incurs any expenditure in violation of section 7, 11 or 20 of this act is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.
  • b. Any person who purposely files or prepares or assists in the preparation for filing or purposely acquiesces in the preparation or filing of any report required under this act which the person knows is false, inaccurate or incomplete in any material particular; or who purposely fails or refuses to file any such report when required to do so pursuant to the provisions of this act; or who purposely supplies any information which he knows to be false, inaccurate or incomplete to any person preparing or assisting in the preparation of any such report, with the knowledge that such information is intended for the purposes of such report, is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.
  • c. The nomination for or election to any office of any candidate who is guilty of any violation within the description of subsection a. or b. of this section shall be void, and the office shall be filled as required by law in the case of a vacancy; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed in derogation of the constitutional authority of either House of the Legislature to be the judge of the election and qualification of its own members. L.1973,c.83,s.21; amended 1993,c.65,s.12.

Ironically, despite this questionable event, on Monday, Mr. Farina will be celebrated as “Mr. Democrat” of the year at the Annual Lincoln Day Dinner by the Hoboken Democratic Organization. The event is at Frankie & Johnnie’s at 6pm, and will have special guest, Congressman Albio Sires. Who wants to be a fly on the wall at the event? See invite here, and letter of impeccable achievements here.

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The Bard of Agon
The Bard of Agon


Make no mistake about it: Maurice is NOT the head of the Democratic Party in Hoboken in any real sense.

Yeah, he’s the chair of the Party committee, but he hardly has the Party under his direction. About half the Dem Committee is solidly against him; another fifth could care less who he is or what he wants; he can’t raise a penny and completely squandered any ability he might have had early on to get the opposition to co-operate or even come to the table. Outside the Committee, there are several Hoboken Dems who have much more influence than he; he’s not even a part of the strongest city political bloc; outside Hoboken he’s simply a yes-man who is told what to do, even about Hoboken Democratic issues and policies.

The Bard of Agon
The Bard of Agon

And, of course, at the center of that shame is Jimmy “Nepotism is Our Constitutional Right” Farina.

And Mike Russo the only person in a packed room clapping for the idea!! What an amazingly infantile and simultaneously evil little tirade that was.

Somebody should put a one-minute clip of that school-board meeting up here. That moment utterly epitomized Hoboken politics.


[quote comment=”70034″]I would expect that someone so connected with the school system would be able to write a cohesive post with appropriate use of grammar.[/quote]

You’d think, right?
The lesson for today: IT’S a shame we have to deal with nepotism within the school system and some of ITS administrators.


Anyone who gets most of their news from the papers in this town needs to spend more time talking to their neighbors. Skim the paper for the stoop sales and get on with more productive ways to spend your time. When NY Waterway was about to go down the tubes 2-3 years ago I must have gone to 5-6 Freeholders meetings. Moerice Fitzgibbons was there at everyone but never opened his mouth. Now he’s the “leader” of the democratic party in Hoboken? Geez, speaks volumes. To me, “getting to work on the problems here,” as Margaret says, means voting anyone out who has held office since before 2000. So make sure you register and get all your friends to vote in April becuase the School Board is a great place to start cleaning up…


[quote comment=”70077″]Why should he retire???

No work and pay ….it’s a great gig!!!!

Then who’s gonna unlock the City Hall basement doors for Beth? 😛

I don’t even want to know how much we will be paying for his pension(s).