OMG! Exposed wires at Maxwell Place!

Exposed wires at Maxwell Place Pier!

The way I see parents these days all over the place – on their phones, chatting with other parents, or just being oblivious to what their kids are doing, makes me wonder about this situation over at the pier at Maxwell Place.

One of the light poles has a completely exposed wiring box. How nutty is that?

Exposed wires at Maxwell Place Pier Hoboken NJ - OMG! Exposed wires at Maxwell Place!

It would be the mom’s fault for sure!

Imagine your kid fiddling with these wires?

One tug at the wire wrap would send your kid right to the chicken wing delivery bin at a local Chinese restaurant!

Just a shame that most people are consumed with taking “selfies” of the NYC skyline that observing that clear and present dangers for their kids right in front of their eyes.

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Haha, it has been like that for at least two (2) months!!! I thought about submitting a service request and photo through the new Hoboken311 app, but, then I remembered they wont actually do anything. They just refer it to PSEG and you need a street light #, which those lights don’t have.