What makes you tick?

Does anyone even care anymore about what makes you tick?

what makes you tick in Hoboken NJ does anyone ask - What makes you tick?Totally random “Friday Fun post” here – but this has been ringing truer and truer over the past few years. It’s that age-old question “What makes you tick?”

Before we elaborate more on the actual question itself – the reason I bring this up is more or less for the LACK of people who give a crap about truly “knowing” other people.

I mean you can’t get a better open-ended question about another person that “what makes you tick?”

It throws people into an impromptu arena where they are free to answer the question almost any way they wish.

And it’s a damn good way to get to know another person quite a bit – in a very brief moment.

So why is it today – that fewer and fewer people actually take the time to really get to know someone else’s “inner workings” (other than reproductive mechanisms…)?

The problem is – narcissism and self-importance!

Think about some of the most memorable people you’ve met in the past couple years. I can bet you that a majority of them spent very little time talking about themselves compared to asking about YOU.

Isn’t that amazing? You remembered the people that hardly disclosed much about who they were – but because they had YOU in focus, you had positive memories?

Knowing other people intimately helps you too

This is one thing I believe many people have inherently forgotten. In the midst of their narcissistic, self-important life – they have downright “un-learned” that observation is one of the most important things in this world. And I don’t mean “watching TV,” no.

It’s about listening, learning, carefully observing, thinking and more.

For one thing, I’m not saying curious or truly nice people don’t exist. I’m saying they’re becoming more rare.

Being outward with your conversational skills is a very altruistic task not everyone may be comfortable with. However, you really need to try it in order to see the amazing benefit.

Social networks, competition, retarded TV shows that make 99% of the viewers feel “unworthy,” and much more have hampered people’s ability to have a true, honest conversation these days.

Ask yourself – Who is more important and better than you?

I can almost guarantee that there is at least ONE thing in everyone that you know that is BETTER than you.

What does that tell you?

The problem is (and I blame social networking almost fully), that people feel they need to “compete.” And even if you’re one of those that says you don’t – you’re lying. Sadly, people believe that maintaining social pecking order is as important as breathing and sleeping. So whether it’s conscious or not – it exists. Period. The end.

So what makes you tick?

What makes you tick Hoboken NJ - What makes you tick?I’ll offer up some private tidbits about Hoboken411 that you might have never known (because 99.9% of you have never met me personally). If you feel like sharing some of your “tick” anecdotes – please feel free. Can’t hurt to let a little off your plate, right?

For one – how I come up with topics for this website is not something you can read, learn or pick up from a book. It’s my way. No one elses. Sometimes I have lots to say, other times I wrangle with what I feel like saying. Bottom line: Unless I either like it or support it, or at the very least have a moderate opinion about it – it does not get published.

How do you motivate yourself? I don’t use the word “motivate.” I just do what I do. Like a “second sense.”

When you don’t have a boss (or “handler”), you are in charge of you.

Have you been in such a situation? It’s a lot different than having to rush to an office, or conference call or whatever. Being truly responsible for your output (or lack thereof) is a powerful (and sometimes scary) feeling.

Goals are on my time line. One thing about “getting things done” is that the best way to get them done – is to WANT to get (or SEE) them done. Which is why you should never approach a task (whether it’s spring cleaning, closet organization, etc.) without your own visual that you can already SEE it completed. In your mind – seeing the finished goal. Focus on it. Not the work at hand, but the finished, “wrapped” product. It will truly help you forge ahead regardless of how daunting it may have seemed. Call it “mental positive reinforcement” if you will…

I could go on. But understanding the “inner-workings” of your friends, family-members, significant others – is very important. And honesty is too.

If you have an OCD, or anal-retentive control-freak in your life, it’s probably one of your priorities to have whatever affliction it may be taken care of. Because certain “control-based” asshole-ish attributes can be deal-breakers in relationships – even if they involve marriage or children or even casual friendships. So keep that very close to the forefront of your mind.

So get out there today and learn something new about a person in your life. And that means doing it outside of the comfort zone of your “social network.” Do you have what it takes?

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014 12:18 am

Good stuff!

9th Street
9th Street
Saturday, October 4, 2014 2:09 am

Because in-depth personal conversations are a rarity in the digital age. Especially ones without judgment.

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