Losers can be Winners!

Losers can be Winners in Hoboken! {Win NFL Tickets}

No doubt about it – many people LOVE playing the New Jersey Lottery. Whether it’s scratch-off tickets and daily numbers games that have “repeat customers,” to the mad rush that happens when the Mega Millions or Powerball starts swelling into “fuck you money” territory, there’s no shortage of lottery stores in Hoboken.

But it seems that only ONE lottery store at least gives you a second chance to win something with your losing scratch off tickets.

Losers can be Winners Hoboken NJ NFL Tickets

Head up to Nick’s Candy on 14th Street – and your losing instant tickets (must be bought and scratched IN STORE) can be entered into a drawing for a pair of NY Jets or NY Giants football tickets.

The winner will be announced at the end of October (games are either in November or December).

Losers can be winners Nick's Candy Hoboken NJ

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