Kick Yelp to the curb!

Why bother using Yelp? Unable to make your own decisions?

Yelp is an extremely bothersome company for several reasons.

  1. The most annoying is that they are (now) “legally” able to essentially extort money from companies listed. That is, that they intentionally MISLEAD the so-called “educated users” of the site depending on whether certain businesses pay Yelp to be their customers.
  2. The fact that many users of the site actually make their decisions on whether to eat at a particular restaurant based on these (maybe / maybe not) MISLEADING reviews.

boycott yelpNot sure which is worse. Yelp’s business practice, or that so many gullible idiots actually believe what they read. Because they have an “app.” And an external brain called Google.

What ever happened to experiencing things YOURSELF? Or simply using DIRECT word of mouth from long-time friends or acquaintances? Is that too “old school?”

How can you ever even want to use Yelp going forward knowing that the information presented may or may not be accurate? It pretty much eradicates their function, and brings you back to SQUARE ONE: Experience for yourself.

Everyone is an individual, and have individual likes, dislikes, tolerances, and so on. So why complicate your life by clouding your mind and your judgment solely based on the “crowdsourced” version of an opinion? How lazy and unadventurous can you be?

If every business just opted out of Yelp in Hoboken (and beyond), and every user just said “screw it, I’ll find out for myself from now on” – perhaps natural market conditions can prevail, and not artificially manipulated (and often false) “reality.”

Kick Yelp to the Curb!

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Gotta take everything with a grain of salt. With enough reviews Yelp’s overall score for a place is a decent indicator but far from perfect.

The Professor
The Professor

I have not used, nor would I use, a site like Yelp. Like many other unable-to-substantiate time wasters, including internet pop-up ads and videos, infomercials, spam mail- if I don’t know and trust the source, it is not worth a second of my time. I DO however trust Hoboken411 food reviews.


“You should all delete YELP off you’re “smart phones.” It actually makes you dumber!”

I hope you were trying to be ironic with “you’re” instead of “your”?