Hoboken Week in Review: 9/28/2014

Hoboken Week in Review – September 28, 2014

Hoboken Week in Review September 28 2014 Hoboken411 NJ

Here’s a selection of noteworthy posts on Hoboken411.com for the week ending Sunday, September 28, 2014:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • PATH OutageThrew people for a loop. Things could be much worse, don’t ya think?
  • Jimmy John’s Credit Card BreachYou know shit is hitting the fan when sandwich shops have financial data compromised!
  • Mom’s hate treesThey won’t staple fliers to toddlers now, would they?
  • Yelp addicts!Hardly anyone tries a restaurant these days without Googling or Yelping. No sense of adventure any more!
  • Arts & Music FestivalLast one of the year – happening TODAY.
  • HPU HypocrisyMaking frequent illegally parked stops to skim money from the people that pay their salaries. Such a sick premise, isn’t it?

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

Two reasons why people hate and or fight change People fear the unknown and There are always people profiting from how things are Mokokoma

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