iPhone 6 lunacy!

At what point to just say NO to Apple iPhone 6 upgrade?

Our Hoboken Week in Review quote a few weeks ago was spot on: “Don’t obsess over having the ‘latest’ version of a product. For there was a time that the previous version was the latest.” Anyone lining up for the new Apple iPhone 6 should probably remember that.

Take a look at this sign outside the Verizon Wireless store on Washington Street. Even though the phone was “released” today, it tells passerby to “pre-order” the new phone, and to “don’t get left behind.”

Exactly how would you get “left behind” anyway? Heck, I know people with iPhone 4’s, and even others with non “smart” regular flip phones that can barely text! They seemed to have survived.

About the only thing you’ll be leaving behind is your money and your privacy.

Apple iPhone 6 idiots - iPhone 6 lunacy!

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Nothing revolutionary about this phone that hasn’t already been around for a few years. If you really want an iphone 6 just wait until the iphone 7 comes out.