259 First Street Action

New building taking shape at 259 First Street in Hoboken

259 First Street Hoboken NJ Real Estate - 259 First Street ActionFor a few blocks along First Street in Hoboken, it doesn’t always look promising – mainly due to the fact that this area gets crushed during any major rainfall or hurricane. It’s knocked out quite a few shops, including community food staples like Filippo’s Pizza. But that doesn’t keep people from trying, as a totally brand new building was erected at 259 First Street (and stretching all the way across the block to Newark Street.

Supposedly, the ground floor retail section already has a tenant, and is expected to be a new restaurant.

The rest of the building apparently includes a handful of condos (3) and the rest is to be “office space.” That’s one trend that seems to be growing in town – is small offices for rent. I suppose entrepreneurs find Hoboken attractive, especially with it’s easy commute to and from Manhattan.

Stay tuned!

Description: Mixed-use building
Address: 259 First St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: N/A
Online: N/A

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