Two Heathers – closing

Two Heathers Closing in Hoboken

You know, back when Two Heathers opened up their little boutique back in 2014 – we thought Hoboken finally had a “winner” in the ladies clothing category. But apparently not – as they are closing before end of the year.

What I don’t understand is why they gave up so fast. They had a fantastic store, and both girls had great personalities. Why close?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • No one is able to endure “tough times” anymore. It’s either 100% success out of the gate, or just give up.
  • The (lack of) understanding that it most often takes time to build a brand and a large enough customer base to sustain a business. It rarely happens overnight.
  • Over-investment in “social media,” while other (more traditional) forms of “getting the word out” are neglected. Non-stop “exciting news about fashion” on social networks gets dull after a while, and one “mistake” can ruin you in a heartbeat. Key point: diversify your messages.
  • Impatience. A balance sheet goes beyond net profits and expenditures. Businesses go through periods of stagnation. Slumps. And so on. Any new business should be prepared for at least three years of uncertainty. Otherwise, you shouldn’t open your business at all. Maybe mommies money ran out?
  • Brand confidence. Don’t let a month or three of bad sales send you packing with your tail between your legs. NO! That should enrich your desire to succeed more than ever. You had a good idea to start with. You had ladies boutiques dropping like flies around Hoboken. Why throw in the towel? Grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

The ladies at Two Heathers didn’t respond to our inquiry as to “why” they were closing. Perhaps they don’t want to share.

But we were really rooting for them, because they seemed like genuine hard-working gals who had a passion for their craft.

Perhaps high rents and online competition is way too tough these days – and even the good guys might falter every now and then. Who knows.

Either way – good luck to the Two Heathers for whatever their next endeavor is!

Two Heathers Closing Hoboken NJ

Two Heathers – Hoboken, NJ – Now Open!


New businesses that open (in Hoboken and beyond) are often “hit or miss” depending on many factors – market saturation, brand quality, value, etc.. But there are times when you can tell a business will thrive – and that’s almost always connected to the type of business owner, and whether they have passion for what they’re doing. Two Heathers (331 Washington Street) is one of those places.

Two Heathers opens today – and was founded by Heather Geary and Heather Edwab – who are “BFF’s” (best friends forever – for those who aren’t in tune with texting lingo) who have been friends since they were college roommates. This was their “dream” to open a boutique that sells fashion-forward apparel and accessories at a “sweet spot” price range.

Two Heathers Hoboken NJ ladies clothing boutique 331 Washington Street

Quality garments at the right price

You see, there is a difficult line to draw when it comes to clothing. You can buy super cheap things (which will barely make it past two wash loads, i.e., “you pay for what you get”), or you can go high-end and barely make the rent next month despite having a garment that will last many years. What Two Heathers did – was find quality, well-made merchandise at a price that is approachable to most customers – at a price that won’t break the bank.

Ted Baker is their “headlining” label, along with a myriad of other brands covering a wide spectrum of styles that are all current trends. They will also hold fun regular workshops, and will feature local artisans jewelry and other creative designs.

The two Heathers are definitely energetic, friendly and eager to please their customers. Having a “go to” clothing store that you can feel good about supporting, and actually feel like you’re important is a big deal these days. That often makes a difference in deciding where to shop.

Oh – and they have a small selection of men’s “essentials” (stuff like socks, t-shirts). So the guys can at least have something to look at while their girlfriends drag them inside.

Welcome to the neighborhood, and good luck, Two Heathers!

Two Heathers Hoboken NJ

Description: Ladies Clothing and Accessories. Some men’s items as well.
Address: 331 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-6380

Ted Baker Two Heathers Hoboken NJ display 1

Ted Baker Two Heathers Hoboken NJ display 2

Ted Baker Two Heathers Hoboken NJ display 3

Two Heathers Jewelry Hoboken NJ

Two Heathers coming to Hoboken, NJ

9/16/2014 Update:

A lot “numeric” businesses in Hoboken, right? 1 Republik, Three-A’s, Four L’s, West 5, Five Guys, 7 Eleven – and adding to the count soon at 331 Washington Street is Two Heathers.

While the message on the front of the store is a bit of a tease: “Hello Gorgeous, Wondering what I am? Come back this fall,” word on the street is that it’ll be yet another ladies boutique.

Hopefully the rent is low enough and the demand for whatever they sell is high enough for them to stick around a bit longer than the average “here today, gone tomorrow” establishment. Stay tuned!

Two Heathers Hoboken NJ Ladies Boutique

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015 1:23 pm

Let’s face it. As long as people keep buying into the Hoboken myth, businesses will fail. There is no way that a small business can sustain itself with the outrageous rents they are paying. I recently needed a greeting card and opted to go into one of the small stores to buy one. It was $14.00!!! There was nothing special about the card, but because of the need to mark up prices to meet overhead, that was the price. I use that only as one example. I could give many more. Couple the high rents with the unfriendly attitude of City Hall toward encouraging people to shop in Hoboken and you have a recipe for failure,
Many Hoboken residents work in NYC and I have heard over and over, as well as experiencing it myself, that the prices in the stores in the Village and elsewhere are lower, and the quality better, than what you can find in Hoboken even with the clothing sales tax!
Until people start leaving the stores on Washington Street vacant and send a message to the realtors that the market here stinks, businesses such as this will just keep closing.
High prices, terrible parking, unmerciful parking enforcement people and a City Administration that can’t seem to address the horrible road conditions will continue to factor in to the equation that has doomed so many businesses in the past few years here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 11:39 am

Quite an Exodus the last month. Hoboken is not business friendly at all. Who would want to shop with the streets a mess, the sidewalks unworkable and the business climate at City Hall untenable?

sassy lassie
sassy lassie
Friday, October 24, 2014 11:06 am

I’m looking forward to checking this place out! It sounds like they have a great selection of things I’ll like.

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