Changing NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline soaring to new (and different) heights

Many say the “views” Hoboken has are some of the best. And the NYC Skyline has had what you would say are it’s “noteworthy and famous” spires over the years – The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, the Citibank Building, and of course a couple revisions of the World Trade Center. But the market is booming and so are building heights!

Did you know the Empire State Building is no longer the 2nd tallest building in Manhattan?

432 Park Avenue NYC taller than Empire State Building

432 Park Avenue – You cannot afford it. Sorry!

A residential condo tower at 432 Park Avenue has eclipsed it – and when complete (another 100 feet or so to go) will reach nearly 1,400 feet! Taller than the original World Trade Center (minus the antenna of course).

I can only imagine who will be able to afford views like this. About the only “peeping toms” that can see you naked inside will have to be in a helicopter! What will penthouse units sell for anyway? $50 million? $100 million?

432 Park Avenue Views NYC

Nordstrom Tower to eclipse 432 Park

Well, as they say “bigger and better,” 432 Park Avenue will only hold the crown for a few years, as ground has been broken at 217 W. 57th Street – for the Nordstrom Tower – which will stand at 1,500 feet – with the antenna reaching a height of 1,775 feet.

That building, once complete – will be the highest point in New York City, eclipsing even the WTC, because of the elevation, which sits at 100 feet above sea level (WTC is pretty much at sea level).

The Nordstrom Tower is expected to be completed around 2018.

Nordstrom Tower and 432 Park Avenue

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I could never live in a building that tall. I’m the type that forgets things all the time, and I’d spend half my day going up and down 100 stories. No thanks!


NYC residential real estate is the new Swiss Bank Account.