Kickstarter for everything

Everyone wants a handout via Kickstarter these days

Been thinking about this lately. As most of you know, Kickstarter is a “crowdsourcing” way for people to raise money for (insert idea, cause, project, thing here).

Most of the time, the person or people who create their project have different levels of funding, and each one comes with an “award” relative to the donation amount. Ideally, by backing a project before its inception, you essentially get what you pay for (for instance we supported the Poplar Wood Farms Pole Barn, and received a year worth of eggs – or the Buggy Balance project and will receive the product they’re producing).

That part we like about Kickstarter. You get to see “visions” that you’d likely never hear about otherwise, so it gives new ideas a chance to garner support outside the traditional methods (i.e., your own money, silent investors, bank loans or other old school ways of funding).

But what Kickstarter has apparently also become – is a way for just about anyone to hold their hands out and ask for money – without offering a compelling reason why anyone should!

Kickstarter Snarky Wine Importer

Give Me Money to start my business – “just because?”

Take for instance this local person who wants to start a business – Snarky and Spirited Blog and Wine Importer.

She’s asking for almost $20,000 to promote her blog and purchase wine. She has “many wine diplomas” as well as an MBA. Sounds good so far, right?

However, the “Reward” to support her wine blog and importing business is a free plastic bottle of water for every $100 donated.

Hmmm… I don’t think you need multiple degrees and glitzy labels to see that this is just plain stupid. Perhaps a little more effort and originality would have been better? Or how about some of that wine you claim to be such an expert on?

Anyway – there’s a few days left for her project – maybe some angel investors can help her reach her goal?

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