Contrast: Weehawken vs. Hoboken

Why are Weehawken parks so much cleaner than Hoboken’s?

Some people in Hoboken can overcome their “4 block radius syndrome”, and actually travel around the county and waterfront with ease. And you might find some interesting comparisons to make, like one couple recently discovered when it comes to open park space.

Hoboken parks filthy compared to Weehawken NJ - Contrast: Weehawken vs. Hoboken“We were on one of our nice long walks along the river and as we got into the waterfront park complex in Weehawken, we realized we needed to take bathroom break. Luckily, we were right by the field house restrooms. I went in and lo and behold – Not one, not two but THREE full rolls of toilet paper, FULL soap dispensers and a FULL paper towel dispenser. And it was relatively clean. So I got to thinking – what the HELL is wrong with Hoboken?

Any public restroom in Hoboken almost instantaneously becomes a hive of scum and deterioration. Homeless, graffiti, drunk yuppies pissing everywhere BUT the toilet. Why is it that Weehawken, a town mere feet from Hoboken, seems to have their shit together and Hoboken, a town with more money than it knows what to do with, can’t seem to get this right?

Well, it turns out that the town also employs private security folks who keep an eye on the parks. In speaking with them, they actually appear to care about the city and the people in it! Imagine that?

Hoboken’s become such a transient, throw-away shithole. Nobody cares because they’re not gonna be here that long. Shame.”

So what is the city administration doing with a nine-figure budget besides paying lawyers and handing out crony contracts?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014 11:32 pm

411, did you have to go and let the cat out of the bag? I have long enjoyed the weehawken recreational area. Not only does it have the facilities that are well maintained and attended, but the Town also offers out of town recreation trips for the community. They are such god citizens with a well run town that they even have a facilities reciprocity agreement with Stevens. ou can not top that for community services!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 1:33 pm

Point 1 – the author of that e-mail appears to be an inarticulate dope. The reference to yuppies indicates that the person is from the old guard. These people tend to forget how big of a dump Hoboken was years ago and how toxic the city was before the gentrification occurred.

Point 2 – The track is a nice track, but it is there because the ground underneath is toxic.

Point 3 – The parks in Hoboken are beaten up because they are used extensively. Years ago they used to fence off sections of Church Square to plant seed. This was a huge waste because the shade from the trees killed the grass. This was the old guard approach.

Point 4 – If a private security firm was hired in Hoboken the police union would cry afoul and this website would state that there was unnecessary waste being spent on the security force.

My solution is to get rid of the homeless trash that use the bathrooms as their private showers….move them to Weehawken for a bit and see how clean those bathrooms stay!

Sweet Thunder
Sweet Thunder
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 11:30 am

Most Hoboken parks are a disgrace. People have no respect and the city does not prioritize putting an end to littering. They are too obsessed with how terrible dog poop is.

Reply to  Sweet Thunder
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 5:13 pm

I see no evidence or enforcement that leads me to believe the city is obsessed with dog poop. There is still tons of it lining first street from Harrison to Washington.[quote comment=”223764″]Most Hoboken parks are a disgrace. People have no respect and the city does not prioritize putting an end to littering. They are too obsessed with how terrible dog poop is.[/quote]

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 9:47 am

that “park” sits on top if toxic waste and contaminated soil. There was a fuel tank farm there up to about 35 yrs ago. Why do you think its a park and not high rise condos????? because as a park, it is only designated as a “temporary use facility” and therefore the toxins (which are still there) are not taken into consideration for long term effects. something to consider if you frequent that park on a daily basis. the same thing goes for the public storage facility on 8th and Adams… that was across the street from the old “Mercury building site”(which ironically, is currently being developed again, i wonder if the real estate agents tell the prospective tenants that it was once a superfund site?) The Storage facility STILL has mercury in it…. but because its not a PERMANENT habitat (IE, home, house apt, condo), and used only for storage, the high mercury levels are not taken into consideration……..I wonder how that effects the people who WORK in that building 40 HOURS A WEEK ??????????

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