WHY: Madden 15 Lunacy

Madden 15 documents where we are going

Was forced to watch this three and a half minute “commercial” for the latest sports video game called Madden 15. It has been watched over 15 million times. That is twice the amount of time (and productivity) wasted compared to the equally moronic Charlie Sheen Ice Bucket Video.

And you can only imagine how many years of life were collectively erased from planet earth actually playing this game since it was released!

But you can actually use this opportunity as a learning experience. Watching commercials like this can be eye-opening, especially if you’ve been quite “disconnected” from the TV (not seeing it much for four years) like us.

For one, it demonizes men, making them look like retarded buffoons. Next, it uses a horrific soundtrack that sounds like the rest of the crappy music that’s “popular” with the lemmings these days. And the fact that they make one of the guys care more about a fake football game than his house burning down is just pathetic.

Sure, you can say this is all just for show – and it’s just a commercial, but if this is what it takes to sell things these days – you might want to add an extra notch of concern for the future.

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