Does the W Hotel lean south?


As Hoboken’s W Hotel continues to progress along, I’ve always noticed that it seems to be slanted or a bit crooked. I shook it off as blurry vision from staring at computer monitors all day.


However, another Hoboken411 reader mentioned the same thing to me a few days ago: “I dont think I’m losing my mind, but, if you look at the W hotel construction from Washington St., it is actually leaning south. I did a double take from other views, and it really is leaning. Take a look from 3rd and Washington. Great Job with the site!”

See more photos and help us figure it out after the jump!

I went to take another look yesterday and snapped these photos. The skies were cloudy, but I enhanced the contrast of the photo with the arrows. I lined up an existing building (Hudson Square North), and there was an obvious slant on the W. Two parallel buildings that are perfectly straight should have no gap differential.


However, I later took a look at the original W Hotel post here on Hoboken411, and saw this rendering from the W Hotel website. It appears to be part of the design? Some kind of “flared” look on the west side of the building? So perhaps it is just an optical illusion. However, if it were really crooked, what an embarrassment that would be!

W Hotel Hoboken rendering

Next time you’re in the vicinity of 3rd & Wash, take a look.

Here’s another perspective from Pier A Park. Looks slanted here, doesn’t it? What is this, the leaning “W” of Hoboken?

Someone please help clear this up with SCIENCE!


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Indian Way should sell some of its taxi fleet and buy some gondolas.


[quote comment=”68803″]The Leaning Tower of Hoboken.[/quote]

Funny and sad all at the same time. Why is Hoboken so much like Italy? Was it planned, or by coincidence? Is it the designed intention of city government to not fix the drainage problems of downtown for a want of recreating Venice, Italy? We got Sinatra, mozzarella, italian grandmas selling us tasty imports, and now an contemporary illusion of the Leaning Tower.

But the one thing they messed up was the name. Hoboken just doesn’t sound italian. But what if they plan to change the name of town as well? How would that sound…

careful mom
careful mom

This was another bad idea…


It could be an optical illusion now but eventually might sink being so close to the river. Anything is possible. It is not like it is sitting on granite.


I think all the new (over)development uptown has caused the rest of the city to lean slightly to the North, giving the appearance that this new building is leaning to the South.