Dog park upgrades?

Finally – action taken at Stevens Dog Run in Hoboken

Amidst the Hoboken411 article, along with several residents applying pressure – common sense was finally re-instituted over at the Stevens Dog Park. The fountain was “made proper,” as the hose that was long requested gotten taken care of.

And it appears that Director Pellegrini, who’s crippled working within the stringent bureaucracy at city hall – found the solution. Use a decent, responsive contractor instead the inept “approved” city contractors that are in bed with the administration. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands to get things done around these parts.

If dogs could send thank you notes – Leo’s inbox would be filled with them!

Stevens Dog Park Fountain Repair Hoboken NJ 1 - Dog park upgrades?

Stevens Dog Park Fountain Repair Hoboken NJ 2 - Dog park upgrades?

Stevens Dog Park Fountain Repair Hoboken NJ 3 - Dog park upgrades?

Were the dog park upgrades necessary in Hoboken?


Other than the occasional depletion of gravel at the handful of Hoboken “pooch parks” – for the most part they were just fine. But these recent dog park upgrades may have been entirely unnecessary (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars). And in fact, many people believe they can be considered downgrades!

The Stevens Park dog run is one good example. The fence may be nicer, but one of the most important “amenities” was the presence of a functional water hose.

This was replaced with a horrible water “fountain,” in which dogs pee on, and could not be used to rinse your dog off in case they got a bit muddy after an extended “rough and tumble” play session. Thanks Hoboken.

But even now – there is NO water pressure in the fountain, and even birds have given up trying to get a drink. Another instance for the “more harm than good” file…

Stevens Park Dog Run Hoboken NJ broken fountain - Dog park upgrades?

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Monday, September 15, 2014 8:54 pm

How about the rest of the non-working fountains, etc in the town? Does 411 have to do a story on each of these? No point reporting to the city because it is just ignored and when services have been neglected for months one would think the Administration themselves would take some responsibility for long term maintenance.

Sunday, September 7, 2014 10:22 pm

Just one example of how the administration operates. Alot of sizzle without any of the steak!

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