Italian Fall Fashions

Now or never: Italian Fall Fashions at Viola Vita in Hoboken

Viola Vita quality apparel and handbags hoboken NJ ItalianSummer may just be “unofficially” over, but FALL has truly begin!

We’ve said this before. Even though I’m never in the market for ladies handbags, jackets or accessories – we LOVE Viola Vita uptown for many reasons. One, the owner Mario is just such a genuine down to earth guy who’s just following his passions.

Two, an astute observer of products can tell from a mile away that what he sells is quality “off the scale.” Have you seen the shoddy stuff being sold at major department stores? Made in China or even worse? His merchandise puts them ALL to shame. Across the board! I mean it’s RARE to find practically ANYTHING that is well-made these days. So for that reason, you ought to poke your head in Viola Vita to see how far your dollar goes.

If you want something classy that can last many, many years – you made the right choice. You want something similarly priced, but will fall apart before you can digest lunch? Head over to the mall and have a nice time bitching to your friends who could care less your crap fell apart. But in the end, I’m sure your tweets will get more recirculated if you’re at a famous “brand name” store anyway. But no one will care when you have little money left to replace what fell apart shortly after going into debt for it.

Kudos again Mario for another stellar lineup!

Stop by 1224 Washington St. or give him a shout at (201)222-2674.

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These bags look incredible this year!