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Hudson Table now taking reservations for awesome classes!

Hudson Table Hoboken now open cooking school - Hudson TableAs we previewed a couple months ago, one of the best new ideas to come to Hoboken in a very long time is now open for business: Hudson Table. They’re located at 14th & Clinton, on the north side of the viaduct.

What is Hudson Table exactly? It’s a fun, interactive cooking instruction “school,” run by passionate people.

Take a look at some of the classes initially being offered here.

Stuff to make from the Farmers’ Market, “Thanksgiving Dinner Rehearsal,” Indian Food, Italian food, and even how to properly handle your expensive kitchen knives. They have an incredibly diverse array of classes – where each one looks like it would be enjoyable and informative.

Classes range from $75 – $90 per person and last up to three hours. Max capacity per class is 16 students. Some classes have even been “taken over” for private events – so booking in advance is recommended!

Thanks for enriching the cultural entertainment landscape, Hudson Table!

Description: Unique cooking school-ish class-based enterprise. Individual classes and instruction.
Address: 1405 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: hudsontable.comTwitterFacebook

Hudson Table – A unique, fun experience coming to Hoboken

September 2014:

Here’s some exciting news for Hoboken coming this fall: Hudson Table opening in the Edge Lofts building uptown!

Hudson Table Hoboken NJ Edge Lofts - Hudson Table

What exactly is Hudson Table, if you don’t mind?

There is nothing like Hudson Table in Hoboken. It’s basically a “group cooking” experience. Part educational, part social, recreational and interactive, and 100% about food.

Owner Allen Bari and his partners Taposh Bari and Melanie Cecillo have teamed up to actually create a unique niche in Hoboken.

  • Imagine finally learning how to use those knives you’ve received as a gift? There’s a class for that.
  • Ever want to learn how to make your own chocolate-based dish? Got that too.
  • Hate frozen pizza and want to know how you can do the same, but 100% from scratch? Yes, sir. Even in crispy, thin or doughy formats!
  • Love the Hoboken Farmers’ Markets – but don’t know what to do with all those veggies? They will have you covered!

Even more interesting is the person Allen Bari is. He’s definitely a guy who “rolls with his passions,” going from a World Series of Poker bracelet-holder, to a French Culinary Institute trained Chef who’s created a super-cool experience for Hobokenites to enjoy.

Whether you just want to explore the joyous world of cooking, or hone your already growing skills – or even have a “date night” that is profoundly more fun than sitting in a dark theater, Hudson Table seems to be right on all levels.

Be on the lookout for their opening this fall – and get in while the going is good, because we predict this concept will be off the charts!

cooking classes Hudson Table Hoboken NJ - Hudson Table

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Signed up for two classes next month. We plan on doing this a lot, and wish they had some kind of bulk purchase discount.