Anti-Yuppie Graffiti

Odd anti-yuppie graffiti in Hoboken

Spotted this odd “anti-yuppie” graffiti over on 8th Street recently. It comically reads:

“YUPPie’S eAt to much”

Not sure what this graffiti vandal’s intention was. Why single out “young urban professionals” for being obese or eating excessively? Have you ever seen the SNAP customers at your local Walmart buying cart-loads of Ring Dings and sugary soda pop?

Perhaps it was a clever marketing tactic from a local fitness center to guilt pudgy girls into joining. Who knows.

Regardless, maybe this will remind you not to shovel too many potato chips this Labor Day weekend?

Yuppies Eat Too Much in Hoboken NJ graffiti

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Maybe they’re not obese but bulimic.

sassy lassie
sassy lassie

I assume that people who can’t spell and write this crap have no idea what could be said about them. But I guess they don’t care – we work to support them and buy their paint so the joke really is on us.