Multiple fights in Hoboken, NJ 07030


Like a broken record, another weekend passes by with the “same old song and dance.”

Multiple bar fights around town during “closing time.” (Yes, I love quotes… too bad for those that “don’t”)

Anyway, one fight was reported at 14th & Wash.. could be many bars.. Madison, Hudson Tavern, City Bistro, Liberty.. but either way, someone had too much to drink. That much I can bet on. Officers did respond and didn’t catch any of the action. Apparently the parties involved went on their way before police arrived. See? If you let people work it out before you call the cops, maybe it’ll be resolved. Just like at the dog park.

Just because a dog barks & growls for a bit, doesn’t mean anything bad will come of it. They’re just “sorting it out.”

However, another fight broke out simultaneously at 7th & Wash, but responding officers said it was immediately brought under control. See? These are minor fracases that are a natural result of booze ingestion.

And I ask again, why is marijuana banned, and alcohol legal? Please advise.


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You don’t suck d*@k for weed.[/quote]

Some girls do, that is one of the perks of getting a chick stoned.[/quote]

Oh yeah? So did you also get a few BJs from your buddies too? Hey an whatever floats your boat.

Just because you need to buy the dudes/ladies a drink so that you can drop a roofie in her/his drink on the way back from the bar so that you have a chance at getting action, does not make alcohol any better!



i dont think you should be able to smoke a joint while walking down the street, or rip bongs in starbucks, much like you cannot/shouldnt do the same with a beer.

i think that the fed govt spending $4 billion/yr on combatting marijuana alone is foolish and a continued investment in a failure, when money is desperately needed in countless other areas, not to mention the costs of keeping pot offenders in jail

if that means decriminalizing it, or making it a ticket if you do it in public or while your driving so be it, again much like an open container in a car or on the street

but its always going to be here, and its always going to be relatively easy to get, no matter what is done to stop it

to those who ask why dont u then legalize coke and heroin, there is no comparison in the effects the drugs produce


Like alcohol … coke is kinda an upper drug… makes you do things your body cannot handle. You kind of see yourself in a place so successful that you would never be/ If you are high on coke… your body and brain are in totally different planes and after effects arent that pretty. Anyone who does coke knows its addictive and merely doing for wrong reasons cause there is philosophical and psychological justification. Meanwhile Pot is a different experience, anyone who says its not addictive is wrong, but at the same time its human to be addicted. Pot is a good downer and makes you see yourself under a different light, still not losing touch with reality.

The whole comparison between Pot and Coke and heroin is not right. They are all on different levels and different planes. Hallucinating drugs and pot could be compared but coke and pot are done for whole different reasons altogether.
You can see in concert or a bar … if there is a fight usually people are high on coke or alcohol, no one would ever fight being high on weed because you just wont.
Bill Hicks used to do a good bit on drugs and alcohol.
Like Maynard says all drugs and hallucinations are good because they show a part of that you can be but you gotta reach that place in your sobriety


…Aaah, to be riding a bicycle along the Prinsengraact en route to the Leidseplein.

[quote comment=”68600″]And this what wikipedia has to say about pot in Amsterdam. “Window prostitution in the Netherlands is legal at specific places. Cannabis selling, however, is not – but it is tolerated when small quantities of cannabis (up to 5 grams) are involved.[31] Previously in Amsterdam a handful of smart shops sold psilocybin mushrooms and drug paraphernalia. However psilocybin mushrooms have recently been made illegal. Though illegal to consume in public, these mushrooms are still sold by several smart shops.” This might have more facts… Sorry. Thanks for pointing this out, journey. My mistake. Stupid of me. It is such a cool city that it seems like a country to me. I can’t tell you how cool it is to go and order pot off a menu. Miguelsmith had it right- it IS more fun when you feel like you’re getting away with something. Amsterdam banned smoking in shops that sell smoke, maybe a tad ironically. So options are vastly limited now- you have to take it back to your hotel, because you don’t want to smoke in the open. The folks who live in the city aren’t tokers, as Miguel also mentioned. and we have to respect this. I would never blow this in their faces, so to speak- even though I smoke, I have too much class to be so crass. I guess I just wish America could be so open-minded. We don’t have to sell it like Marlboros, but why can’t we let it slide?