Hoboken Week in Review – 2/17/2008


Another week in the books.

Two weeks from today, many of you may be severely hungover from the annual “biggest party of the year” in Hoboken, the St. Patty’s Day parade. Not sure why I mentioned that, but perhaps that’ll serve as a reminder to give your liver a rest?

Greetings again to all the new readers that have joined since the last Hoboken Week in Review.

Hoboken411 has grown at such a rapid rate, it’s becoming time to plan yet another server upgrade, among (many) other things!

Read the Top 10 articles this week that had the hottest chat action in Hoboken!


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Babies rule the world!
    And so do their parents. Some folks in the area are getting fed up with some people’s choice to bring their baggage everywhere.
  2. City Die-Ner
    The chance for above-par diner food ends, when ownership of the much-anticipated restaurant changes hands.
  3. Under Over the Bridge
    The more I think about it, the more I’m going to enjoy the new pedestrian bridge crossing over to Jersey City. Very few people “mill” around by the heavily trafficked roadways that lead to northeast JC. This will be cool, a new hangout!
  4. A new “complaint box” for weary travelers
    Long overdue, a Hoboken411 reader suggests a new category for commuting news. Good call!
  5. Bad peeps?
    A Hoboken411 reader sends an email about questionable characters in their building. Wasn’t verified personally, but I try to have faith in people.
  6. One less place for fresh mozz
    Apparently, the much coveted Piccininni Salumaria is gonna close up shop. Bummer, although several 411 readers wouldn’t mind a Jewish setting up shop in town!
  7. Snow and Ice
    We had some treacherous traveling by both car and foot last week! But no blizzards yet, dag-nabbit!
  8. The A-Rod rumor continues…
    Other than a gossip column in the NY Daily News rag, does anyone else have any firm confirmations he’s coming here? Or is this just another “urban legend” style news story? I have my doubts, but I do want to show him I have a better arm!
  9. Toll doesn’t pay (or is that pay no tolls?)
    Daughter (and niece) of Toll Brothers executives backs out of a real estate contract with her own high-profile family. We’re not having market problems, are we?.
  10. Malibu fluff
    A simple sign update brings out many opinions about Hoboken’s famous diner.


Coming this week

  • Holy Moly!
    Replace the “Y’s” with “I’s” and a band by a similar sounding name is playing tonight at Whiskey Bar!
  • More fundraisers for a good cause
    Another member of the “Team in Training” (for Leukemia & Lymphoma) is having an event over at 10th & Willow. I proceed to whip them up some promotional graphics. Yeah, I’m good, I do it all!

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