Dirty Waterfront

Despite solar bins – Hoboken still has a dirty waterfront

There are dozens of these unsightly solar-powered robotic trash bins around Hoboken. You’d think they would make out streets and waterfront walkways spotless right?

dirty waterfront in Hoboken NJ solar garbage not helping

Nope – trash everywhere – no one seems to care

Take a walk around the Hoboken waterfront. Underneath practically every bench – there are remains of someone’s last drink or bite to eat. Food wrappers, soda cans, plastic utensils, soup bowls, you name it.

Guess those robotic bins aren’t helping. This problem has two obvious reasons behind it.

  1. People are lazy bastards that don’t care about their surroundings. Either that, or they’re frustrated they can’t get anything bigger than a peanut into these moronic contraptions.
  2. The city must think they have no duty to keep the sidewalks clean since these robotic trash bins don’t tweet “mayor” Don Zimmer’s office when shit is all over the place OUTSIDE of the cans. This is a real life problem that “apps” cannot fix.

And don’t try to blame this on the homeless either. Their bench with the luggage next to it was clean. To add salt to the wound, the city cons unsuspecting lemmings from time to time to “volunteer” to clean up when property taxpayer money already funds a DPW. Sick, I’ll tell ya – sick!

But to be fair – maybe we’re just picking on just a few select slobs – because for the most part we don’t live in a total shithole (yet.) More on this LATER…

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