60 Second Review: Plum on the Run

Plum on the Run knocks burgers and fries out of the park in Hoboken!

Today’s 60 Second Review is a simple, yet pleasant one to present! A standard “Cheeseburger and Fries” dish at the newest Hoboken Food Truck vendor Plum on the Run.

Plum on the Run Chris Lukic

Attention to detail makes a big difference at Plum on the Run

Okay, we’ll quickly hammer out the basics here first. Operated by owners Chris Lukic (Hoboken resident, classically trained chef who runs The Yellow Plum restaurant in Bloomfield, NJ) and John Iconomou (chef, longtime friend who lives across the river), the truck is no-frills on the outside and tasty treasures on the inside. Formerly a Con Edison truck from the 80’s, this diesel truck was stripped down to the steel and has a unassuming sign on the side- unlike those other trucks that have wrap-around “loud” graphics. My guess is they want the food to do the talking – not fancy marketing bling.

Anyway, the menu is simple. Sandwiches (burgers, crab cake, etc.), salads, fries and desserts. Their most popular item is a cheeseburger, heaping load of fries and a drink (water, soda) for just $10. We were even provided with a complimentary slice of chocolate cheesecake (don’t assume everyone gets free dessert!)

But forget about this trivial stuff – was the food good? Worth the ten bucks? A resounding YES is the answer to both.

  • Burger was juicy and delicious. Perfect in fact. Meat was tender and flavorful. The key here was the attention to detail with the toppings. You can tell when a chef gives a shit. The lettuce was finely shredded, and the onion and tomato were sliced paper thin. Not to be cheap and skimp on ingredients, but because nothing is worse than a burger when all the toppings are twice the size of the rest – making for a difficult to eat monstrosity that takes focus away from the meat. It’s all about balance. The fact that they only had one kind cheese (American) along with homemade bread and butter pickles., shows how serious they are with presenting an “original.”
  • Fries were exactly what you’d expect when they’re hand-cut, blanched and fried again (“twice fried” – the only way to do raw potato). They taste like potatoes cooked just right.

Plum on the Run Cheeseburger French Fries Hoboken NJ

It’s a no-brainer at Plum on the Run!

It’s one of those situations where you just KNOW “this is the way everything ought to be.” If only other aspiring restaurant owners could use that model as inspiration for their own success. (Next, we’ll try out the Yellow Plum restaurant to see if the quality is there as well.)

The Plum on the Run truck is parked downtown Tuesday through Saturday. Enjoy!

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The Philly cheesesteak is insanely good!!
Bad-ass truck!! I’ll be back soon!! Oh yeah, Mac and cheese is sick!!!


Amen on the burgers at Plum! Better than most fancy restaurants in Hoboken.