W. Kodak Uptown

W. Kodak Jewelers opens flagship store in Hoboken

Well, it took a year, but W. Kodak Jewelers finally unlocked the doors to their flagship store up at Maxwell Place near the corner of 12th & Hudson.

They carry most of the high-end brands (now including Omega, which isn’t available at their downtown store), but have watches and jewelry options for most budgets.

But wow, the store is very well done. When inside you don’t feel like it’s in Hoboken! More like 5th Avenue!

They’re open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Congratulations to W. Kodak for their big upgrade!

Description: Luxury Jewelers
Address: Maxwell Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)710-5489
Email: ckodak@wkodakjewelers.com
Online: wkodakjewelers.com

W Kodak Hoboken flagship maxwell place store now open - W. Kodak Uptown

W. Kodak Jewelers expands to uptown Hoboken


Was in the works for a few months – but now it’s official! This is good news for uptown Hoboken residents for many reasons. For one, W. Kodak Jewelers is truly an upscale establishment. No BS, no garbage marketing. Just classic high-end jewelry! Breitling, Tacori, Tag Heuer, Movado – All upscale brands you know about for sure!

So now W. Kodak is coming to Maxwell Place, further making this area a truly “high end” place to live. We saw the floor plans – and it’s going to be nice. Definitely will be the biggest and brightest jewelry store in Hoboken. Plenty of time for them to be ready for the 2015 holiday season and the Black Friday madness that happens each year.

The Kodak brothers said “As we enter our 45th year in business, we are excited to announce our new 2500 square foot flagship store at Maxwell place. We will also be keeping our downtown boutique. Being long time residents, we are very proud to grow along with this great city. We owe our success to our loyal Hoboken customers!”

Good luck, W. Kodak Jewelers!

W Kodak Jewelers Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place summer 2015 - W. Kodak Uptown

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