Pier 13 ups and downs

Pier 13 has a nice design in Hoboken

You gotta hand it to the people running Pier 13 uptown. They’ve evolved quite nicely since the concept was conceived.

From making it a bonafide destination for many residents and visitors, organizing mass food truck events, and generally bringing much life to the waterfront in that area (especially since LUA was closed for several years after the road collapse.)

Additionally – they have a very slick brand identity – and have transformed that otherwise pedestrian pier into something you (might) see over on the other side of the river.

Pier 13 Hoboken NJ nice design

Odd happenings at Pier 13

One interesting thing took place in late July. On a beautiful summer day with no threat of stormy weather – they announced on their social media timeline that they were “closed due to weather.” (That post has since been removed).

Folks were really upset about it – and sarcastically indicated “yeah, due to the awesome weather…”

It’s been rumored that “mayor” Don Zimmer has been meddling with the affairs of area businesses up here. Wouldn’t surprise us one bit. You know, having your priorities lined up is important!

Pier 13 closed despite beautiful weather hoboken nj July 27 2014

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