River Street Canyon

River Street Canyon in Hoboken

Now that the final piece of the waterfront development downtown south of 4th Street is being constructed (Pearson Education being the major tenant), you get a “cold” feeling which I like to call the “River Street Canyon.”

River street canyon hoboken NJ - River Street Canyon

With parking garages and drab retail storefronts taking up a good portion of this street it’s hard not to feel suffocated, and have a strong desire to walk that extra block in order to enjoy the waterfront.

However, I noticed something interesting the other day. The mirrored windows on this third waterfront building give you the illusion that it’s transparent. Maybe the architects were onto something there?

Pearson Education building Hoboken NJ - River Street Canyon

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 5:21 pm

The municipal parking garages could be reaching the end of their useful life, which is generally around 40 yrs. Would be nice to relocate one or two of those.

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