Reverend Jim a Hoboken Icon

Hoboken Icon: Reverend Jim Dillman

Over the many years since Hoboken has transformed from its gritty blue collar past to the culture-less stroller haven it is today, one iconic character that has remained constant is The Reverend Jim Dillman, “Bartender to The Stars” at DC’s Tavern.

Hoboken Icon Reverend Jim Dillman

Originally from Long Island, he’s worked some interesting jobs prior to living here and has more anecdotes than you have change in your pocket. From his days of driving cabs in NYC to working at The Westbury Music Fair in the 1970’s and hanging out with the likes of Henny Youngman, Bob Hope, Cheech & Chong and ELO among others, you can always count on an interesting story from him.

A Hoboken resident since 1981, when he moved here with his band The Objects, Reverend Jim has lived, breathed and experienced the city during it’s hey-day as a burgeoning music and arts scene.

He spent a lot of time both working and performing at the renowned Beaten Path Club, Maxwell’s, Fabian’s and Boo-Boo‘s.

He’s performed in many other bands, including Love Zombies, Roadside Banditos with Joey George, Mad Happy/ Poor Old Souls with Mike Kilmer, The Shames, Candy Jones and Cherry Flip.

He’s also played with Chris Butler (of The Waitresses & Tin Huey fame) in the Legendary Wild Ensemble and the house band for the early 90’s Comedy Central Show Two Drink Minimum hosted by Jake Johannsen.

He currently plays with Hoboken’s own Davey & The Trainwreck. Until recently, he’d been serving the thirsty and faithful patrons at the legendary Louise & Jerry’s Tavern. Mr. Dillman has also worked as a music teacher for the Charter School at both the Demarest and Brandt Schools.

The Reverend has an encyclopedic knowledge of a wide range of music, radio and old movies and is always happy to discuss them. Pay him a visit and you‘ll be sure to hear one of his many eclectic mixes, including “Songs That Make Jim D Cry“, “Spittin‘ On The Hits“, “Early Surly Vols. 1 & 2”, “Music to Braise Parsnips By“ and “Ain‘t No “I” in Meathead“.

He wrote and sang the popular song “Weehawken Woman” with The Roadside Banditos that can occasionally be heard on WFMU 91.1 FM in Jersey City (Listen below -doesn’t he have a great singing voice?)

Jim speaks fluent Chihuahua, is a yellow-belt McGuyver fixer-upper and has often been mistaken for a statue. Hoboken is lucky to still have characters like him in its midst!

Weehawken Woman – The Roadside Banditos

Featuring Reverend Jim!

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