9th & Willow is a dangerous intersection

Vehicles run stop sign at 9th & Willow in Hoboken constantly

Earlier this afternoon, there was a “big accident” over at the intersection of 9th Street and Willow Avenue. A truck crashed into two parked cars, destroyed the front steps of a building, and wrecked a really nice refuse can holder.

Apparently, some witnesses think the construction truck ran the stop sign which led to the collision.

So – Hoboken or Hudson County “officials” should probably wake up and do something about this corner before someone gets killed here. I believe we’ve suggested speed humps in the past – but I recall something about emergency vehicles prohibiting them, but I could be wrong.

A blinking red light for southbound traffic on Willow might be the best option, with a blinking yellow light for 9th Street traffic. Let’s see if that happens.

9th Willow Intersection Dangerous hoboken NJ 1 - 9th & Willow is a dangerous intersection

9th Willow Intersection Dangerous hoboken NJ 2 - 9th & Willow is a dangerous intersection

9th Willow Intersection Dangerous hoboken NJ 3 - 9th & Willow is a dangerous intersection

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In accordance with the MUTCD:

YIELD or STOP signs should not be used for speed control.

Once the decision has been made to control an intersection, the decision regarding the appropriate roadway to control should be based on engineering judgment. In most cases, the roadway carrying the lowest volume of traffic should be controlled.

A YIELD or STOP sign should not be installed on the higher volume roadway unless justified by an engineering study.


Nope. Just remove the stop sign for Willow traffic heading southbound here at this corner, and place it on the 9th street corner for eastbound traffic. I have no idea why this has not been implemented yet. So much more traffic moves down Willow and that stop sign on that corner does nothing but help to back things up, needlessly.