Hoboken floods, no surprise


We all know the areas in Hoboken. Downtown, the 4th ward, and this strip near Shoprite.

One resident said, “I feel bad each time I see a car damaged by flood waters, but I’ve learned my lesson from getting whacked in the past myself.”

Hmm, maybe if the city cannot fix the problem soon enough, at least create signs to be put in these areas that says: “Known Flooding Area. Park at your own risk.” This way, new residents at least have been warned of the potential issues when it rains. What do you think?


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listen these people are learning a lot, and there is a lot to learn. they’re learning governmental procedures and protocols, financing, etc. etc. give them a break. if you want to ask if zimmer ever does anything…does Ramos ever do anything…except talk with marbles in his mouth? does Russo ever do anything, except antagonize public speakers. does Cammarano ever do anything? does Castellano ever do anything?


I watch a lot of Channel 78 and I must ask: Does Dawn Zimmer do anything? Speak? All I ever see is her look at Cunningham to see how she is supposed to vote.


c’mon, the dudes been in office for like 7 months. you gotta be kidding. he’s only one guy. he’s up against windbags. have some patience. i was just lashing out against the old guard, but i’m not naive enough to think it’s anything less than a long shot that they’ll do something. elect other well-educated, non-connected people and then we’ll see results. who’s up for election next?


Give us a break johny,

The City Council votes for almost everything has been six to three. If things are not changing fast enough it is because the old guard doesn’t want it to change.

Cunningham, Mason and Zimmer have never had a “honeymoon” after they won damn hard elections everyone always expected miracals from day one. Every vote they make is scrutinized.

Next election vote out Cammarano and Labruno on the City Council and if Roberts or any of the old guard decide to run for mayor… find a newcomer or B&R who is less connected to the inbred corrupt political patronage system you say you don’t like and vote for them.

When the old guard no longer has a strangle hold on Hoboken things will change for the better.


The honey moon for these new people is over. Hopefully many of you posters that hve been on your knees about these new people will start scrutinizing them as much as the old guard.[/quote]


Zillow’s new Hoboken page:

Tried posting in real estate but i don’t know where it went.