Overseas headaches for the world!

Israel, Palestine: Overseas Headaches for US too!

The past couple days, Hoboken411 has had some very significant site loading issues. Way beyond what is normal here (because of our “classic” old school design.) A true example of “overseas headaches!”

Our web host (a “cloud” service), endured a MASSIVE distributed denial of service attack (“DDoS” to the nerds). What that means is computers around the world were programmed to inundate the hosts servers until they could not serve traffic anymore. “Clogging the lines,” so to say.

Israel Palestine DDOS attack on American websites - Overseas headaches for the world!Why was that, you ask?

To take offline a “political” website. Can you believe that?

Here’s the message from our provider:

“Since August 5th, 2014 at approximately 4:29 PM CDT, a portion of our infrastructure has been experiencing a series of severe network interruptions.

These have been a result of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) targeting a customer with political content relating to the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. This customer is no longer hosted with us, however, the DDoS initially targeted an IP and then grew to an IP block on our network which has resulted in this ongoing malicious traffic.”

We don’t know what that site was, or what their position was. But I can tell you this much. One side of that political equation has a LOT more technical know-how than the other – and they obviously didn’t want that free speech “out in the wild.” Hmmm. Wonder who it was?

Bottom line is – even though this downright STUPID fighting is “over there,” it can easily affect people over here – in ways you might not have imagined.

Food for thought: I see horrific photos of religious fanatics in the Middle East literally beheading, slaughtering and torturing other people because of their “different” beliefs. Much different in this country. It’s very rare that an “Eagles” fan KILLS a “GIANTS” fan over here. Why do people in other countries get so CONSUMED by their indoctrination that they’re capable of committing such atrocities? My belief is that they literally have NOTHING ELSE in life. Their religion is all they have. If you saw the photos of the sad sacks lined up to get murdered – it’s mind-blowing. Because I see like 10 guys with guns, and 200 guys lined up and they all get shot in the head. YOU OUTNUMBER THEM. Fight back, you idiots!

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