Farmigo at Hoboken Hot House

Hoboken Hot House presents Farmigo – August 6th

Have you heard of Farmigo?

Farmigo Farmers App Hoboken NJ - Farmigo at Hoboken Hot HouseNo? Well, Farmigo is a startup company that is trying to “digitize” the way farmers connect with customers who want to buy their food or products. We surmise it’s sort of like a “just in time” logistics model – where instead of a farm stand setup with all sorts of options to choose from (along with certain waste), clients pre-purchase said items and pick them up locally at a given time. It’s pretty much a “CSA” (Community Supported Agriculture) model – but with an “app.”

Also – most CSA’s require that you buy in for a set period of time, while I believe that Farmigo is more of a hit and run model. Maybe they’re onto something? Is this a piece of technology that will actually benefit society?

Anyway – Farmigo will be at Hoboken Hot House (2nd & Monroe) this week on Wednesday August 6th from 7pm to 9pm to celebrate their “launch” here in the Mile Square. Enjoy keg beer in a biodegradable keg, and learn more about the prospect of cutting out the middle man from your food supply.

Farmigo Hoboken NJ Hot House - Farmigo at Hoboken Hot House


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