Dog Days of Summer {put to sleep?}

What happened to dog days of summer “heat waves?”

Now while weather “forecasters” (we put everything that is questionable or suspect in quotes) are always talking about the future events that may happen or not – most sensible people know that they can marginally predict the weather three days out.

Me miss dog days of summer in Hoboken NJ - Dog Days of Summer {put to sleep?}

Forecasts Schmorecasts

We have annual tropical storm “forecasts,” which akin to throwing darts at a dartboard blindfolded, can sometimes be right, over-estimated or under-estimated. I’d trust a dartboard more.

Heck, even the Farmer’s Almanac still publishes annual weather forecasts a year in advance! Sort of reminds me of an astrology book!

So despite any long-term forecast being as reliable as Jim Cramer on CNBC, what about Summer 2014 here in Hoboken?

dog days of summer not happening in Hoboken NJ - Dog Days of Summer {put to sleep?}

Best summer in recent memory in Hoboken!

Up until this point – it has been great. Almost 100% perfect. No massively hot, unbearable days. And most certainly no ultra-long extended “heat waves,” as I recall happening often in years past.

And looking at the extended “45 day forecast” online – they show only ONE day barely cracking 90 degrees now through September 17th! How the hell is that possible?

Now the “realist” in me says they don’t truly know anything, and our weather can turn at the drop of the dime. Atmospheric changes, a volcano in a distant hemisphere, all sorts of stuff can throw their “prediction” down the drain. So while this fruity “45 day forecast” may say one thing – we’re perfectly ready to accept deviations from their flawed science.

Additionally – every heat wave brings up all sorts of chatter about “global warming,” while anything that doesn’t support that ludicrous claim makes no mention to the contrary. Odd, no?

However, if the rest of the summer remains as moderately cool as it has already been – what does that tell you?

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