Easy shopping in Hoboken!

Free parking makes for easy shopping in Hoboken, NJ

As a reminder – It’s nice to know that Hoboken has some places that you can shop at if you need to drive your car. Whether it’s heavy bags you need to schlep, inclement or unpleasant weather or just slothiness, it can definitely be done if the need presents itself.

One thing that people might want to know about – is that even though the Shipyard shopping “district” uptown (with convenient Sparrow for booze, Rite Aid for meds, and Kings for over-priced groceries) has a relatively small parking area (with maybe 15-20 spots) – you can still park FOR FREE for up to two hours in the adjacent Little Man parking garage at 12th and Shipyard Lane.

And with that two hours, you can even visit some shops on Washington Street, hit the post office, go to the bank. Very useful “one stop shopping.”

Free parking makes for easy shopping in Hoboken NJ

Other convenient places with parking in Hoboken

Some other convenient places to park in Hoboken are:

Or, you can attempt street parking – and risk giving your hard earned money to the city and raise your blood pressure at the same time!

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