8-10-12 Paterson Avenue

Dangling carrot: 8-10-12 Paterson Avenue in Hoboken, NJ

Wow, for at least the last six or seven years, all sorts of “dangling carrots” have been tossed around in regards to the Southwest portion of Hoboken. From new residents getting promised parks “any day now,” back in 2007, and still to this day in 2014 – with a property owner touting this “approved” project at 8-10-12 Paterson Avenue.

This is the site of the doomed J&D Provisions deli.

A developer (with an apparently already approved building design) is touting these three existing lots “directly across” from “the already approved family-friendly Hoboken Park.” This building would have space for 12 “luxury” condos ranging from 1100 to 2200 sq. ft.

8 10 12 Paterson Hoboken NJ - 8-10-12 Paterson Avenue

Problem with “family friendly park” is that it’s all just “talk”

No parks in Hoboken NJ all talk - 8-10-12 Paterson AvenueSee, for starters, I know people can be “hopeful” that a park will be built, but the land has not been paid for yet. And money has not been allocated to even build the (less than) one-acre “park.” So at this point with no “shovels in the ground,” it’s still just a parking lot.

Furthermore – even if it DOES get built in this decade, it is slated to be the equivalent of a pedestrian plaza where area workers *might* have lunch at on nice days. You can barely house a hot dog vendor in a space that small. Would any parents risk crossing the highway to have their toddler play on a tiny patch of grass soaked with dog urine? Can you possibly even “make a day” of eating a hot dog and playing horseshoes?

And what about those two properties that refuse to move? How hilarious is that? Boy, those two ugly abodes would get an instant landscaping upgrade!

Lastly – even though they’re about to start replacing old wooden sewers under the adjacent street – that is barely scratching the surface of any real flood mitigation that is required in that area. If the planets aligned perfectly – you’d still end up paying $25 million for a patch of grass no different than the joke of a park uptown in the Shoprite parking lot.

Translation: Don’t hold your breath. At least not under “Mayor” Don Zimmer’s administration.

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