Quality of Street Festivals

NJ Street Festivals vary widely!

Hoboken Arts and Music Street FestivalIf you’ve been around here long enough, the twice annual Hoboken Arts & Music Street Festivals may tend to become “been there, done that” material.

And certainly compared to the diverse festivals that happen often in NYC, they might leave a bit to be desired.

However – after attending the NJ Festival of Ballooning last weekend – it is evident that one can get a little spoiled, because afterward, we had a renewed level of respect for our local street festival.

We had never been to the NJ Festival of Ballooning before and wanted to check it out.

Not reading too much into it – we assumed it’d be along the same lines as the Hoboken festival, but only bigger and with eye-catching hot air balloons to be mesmerized by.

Well, while Hoboken has TONS of original arts and crafts from area vendors and craftspeople, we were quite let down at the balloon festival. Most vendor tents were pitching commercial items. Car insurance, mattresses, hot tubs, automobiles, artificially-flavored beverages, etc. While there was a sprinkling of “collectibles” including balloon-themed t-shirts, some jewelry, etc. – it severely paled in comparison to the Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals.

It appeared that folks pretty much came out exclusively to see the balloon ascensions – and to wait on line forever for fried oreos, french fries and chicken fingers.

But the balloon spectacle was impressive, and you were able to walk around with your $7 cans of beer which was nice – but that’s about all the “high points” (pun intended) about this festival (other than it was very well organized). You are better off buying bargain balloons online!

So long live the Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals – and get out and support the local artisans this fall!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 7:31 am

Laurita Winery does a really good Food Truck festival (plus wine and sangria)

The Professor
The Professor
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 2:33 pm

We went to this fair a few years ago. I agree– the balloons are worth seeing, but not so much the rest of the event. And unlike a street festival this one is on the grass with lots of ruts which is not as stroller friendly.

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