More Hoboken Condos on the way

Hoboken condos squeezed in at 2nd & Harrison

A bunch of people were curious as to what is being squeezed into the (not occupied by SkyClub) corner of 2nd & Harrison Streets. Yep, easy one: More Hoboken condos!

So the details are as follows:

A six-story residential building, along with more ground-level retail space to fill (wonder if “Prime Time” convenience stores will put yet another store to sell artificially-flavored beverages in plastic bottles.)

In addition to the 18 units being built, there will be 16 parking spaces to (barely) absorb the added population to this neighborhood.

Wonder how this little plot of land wasn’t included in the original SkyClub plan. My guess would be that the owner didn’t want to sell his plot – and held out for better opportunity.

Hoboken Condos 2nd Harrison Street - More Hoboken Condos on the way

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