American Idol: Hoboken’s Joanne Borgella


How do you think Joanne Borgella performed on American Idol tonight?

hoboken joanna borgella american idol - American Idol: Hoboken's Joanne Borgella

Let’s have our own exclusive Hoboken voting poll (alphabetical by first name):


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2/13/2008 Update:

Hoboken’s Joanna Borgella made it to the final 24 contestants on American Idol tonight.

Until that clip goes up on YouTube, here’s a video you of her winning the Monique’ F.A.T. Chance contest in 2005 to tide you over:


I never purposely watch American Idol at all, but I’ve received almost 30 emails regarding Hoboken resident JoAnne Borgella, and her appearance on last week’s show that I had to put it up.

Personally, I find that tool Ryan Seacrest so painfully annoying I’d like to punch his mouth off, but the show has staying power, and people love watching the horrific performers.

Anyway, you can catch JoAnne (who was former plus-size model, and actually won the 2005 reality show MoNique’s Fat Chance!) tonight at 8pm on FOX.

Here’s last weeks performance.

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i don’t care how big she is kal-el want’s to jump on top of her !!! i don’t care were she lives or where she came from she’s HOT and you know what guy’s you should be greatful she’s using HOBOKEN AS HER HOME TOWN !!!! It’s making this town a little more reconized…


Say good night JoAnne.. your 2 minutes of fame are up!


Apparantely she is originally from Long Island and probably lives in Hoboken now.


Who cares about american idol anymore? William Hung made me what to puke and sanjiya made me want to slit my wrists. American Idol’s time has come and gone, they just haven’t realized it. I guess it took survivor like 4 seasons to figure it out…


What everyone is missing as what the fashion industry thinks is plus vs. what the fashion industry thinks is average vs the reality that they don’t have models to represent the morbidly obese.

The average woman technically wears plus sizes.