“Opinions” now cause trouble

Opinions are now the black sheep of the world

Remember back in the day that you were entitled to your opinion about something? Likes, dislikes, agreements, disagreements, etc.?

Today, if something has a color, gender, political affiliation, or disability – YOU CANNOT HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT IT ANYMORE – unless, of course it resembles some kind of “victimized” aspect.

And don’t be too quick to “rely” on that level of victimization either. Because if your particular group or affiliation is currently the “victim” of a socialized “witch hunt,” you’ll have to wait for a while to promote your woes.

Anyway – what do you think of this Jeep-owner in Hoboken? They have a few bumper stickers on their car proudly displaying their so-called “opinion:”

opinionated bumper stickers - "Opinions" now cause trouble

opinionated bumper stickers in Hoboken NJ

Proud bumper stickers only lead to problems?

  • “We Say Merry Christmas” – I agree with this. They have every right to shun “political correctness” (i.e., the opposite of “Happy Fucking Holidays you PC Pussies”)
  • However, they have another one I’m not so sure I’d embrace automatically. the “New Jersey Special Issue – Resident – Permanent “Terrorist Hunting Permit” (No Bag Limit – Tagging not required).” While it’s a play on a hunting license – there are a few things that don’t sit well with me. Without getting into detail – this parody plays off the emotion of 9/11 and the manufactured fears that have been introduced into our lives. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be too quick to buy this hook, line and sinker. While it may score points with the rest of your like-minded buddies – it doesn’t really give you much wiggle room when it comes to what you know from first-hand experience. Just sayin’.

Anyone want my advice when it comes to “non-verbal” forms of communications like this? Don’t do it.

Don’t “label” anything you own (including your body with tattoos). Be as “ordinary” as you can possibly be.

Because some nutjob out there will DISAGREE with your stupid fucking message, and probably either wreck your car, run you off the road, or even KILL you just because you have an opinion. You’re also probably a more likely victim of a stupid state-sponsored nanny (i.e., cop) pullover. Translation? Stay low on the radar until absolutely necessary.

You’re welcome.

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Friday, July 25, 2014 7:13 pm

You are free to say what you like but, you still have to face the consequences. If his car keys keyed because some finds the hunting number sticker offensive, so be it.

I’m a witch. So I don’t celebrate Christmas. I will wish Merry Christmas to Christians. Happy Chanukah to Jewish people. And so so on. I do this out of respect for their beliefs. To strangers they get a happy holidays, I don’t know their beliefs, I won’t assume, and I won’t disrespect myself by wishing them good holiday that I don’t celebrate. If someone yells at me to say merry Christmas, I’ll politely tell them I’m not Christian, wish the bright Solstice and a Merry Christmas. I will show them respect without disrespecting myself.

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