Valentine’s Day – What do you do?


I may have previously bitched and moaned about the lack of sincerity during all these commercially forced holidays, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a topic of discussion.

What plans do you have on Valentine’s Day if in you’re in a relationship? What if you’re NOT in a relationship?

hoboken anti valentines day - Valentine's Day - What do you do?

Here’s a little poll to get us started:


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We’ll stay home, cook and open a nice bottle of wine. We eat out so much that cooking is actually the exception. Besides, I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. Every restaurant is packed. It’s a holiday commercialized by Hallmark to make some money between Christmas and Mothers/Fathers Day. I’m just not a flowers/candy/jewelry kind of girl. It’s too conventional.


Exchange cards, work, volunteer at the ambulance corps, probably order in from Wild Ginger, work some more. We might actually walk the dog together once that day. Weekday holidays blow.