“Sandy Money”

WTF is “Sandy Money” anyway?

The trend these days seems to be “Gimme Gimme Gimme” – but how come no one asks “from where?”

This is in reference to the so-called “news” and people who follow the so-called “news.”

All this talk about “Hurricane Sandy money” – billions here – millions here – who got what, they got more, they got less, what about us? Where is OUR share?

The almost socialist fabric woven through the whole story is sickening. Politicians like Zimmer “point fingers,” and so on…

Has anyone taken a “big picture” perspective?

Sandy Money Hurricane New Jersey

Government “programs” are bullshit to begin with

For one – the size and scope of this whole “grant” process was way too big and complex for anyone to handle “fairly,” especially when inept organizations like (any) government body are involved . They have rating scales, charts, and all sorts of “models” to try and make it “fair,” but without a doubt will fail in some way, shape or form. Someone will get the short end of the stick. ALWAYS. Either due to insufficient rating systems, human error, what have you.

It’s easy to “examine” or analyze a bloated and poorly run operation after the fact (like WYNC and others did – why didn’t they “investigate” it CONCURRENTLY AS IT WAS HAPPENING? Or demand to see the “rating charts” that were going to be used to “divvy up” funds before the numbers were released? Why always the “Monday Morning Quarterback” mentality?)

But way WAY more importantly – take a look at all these stories and political “sound bites,” and if you were paying attention – you’d notice the BIGGEST, MOST CRUCIAL aspect missing.

Who is eventually “paying for it?”


Sandy Money is taxpayers money

Hey idiots – it’s YOUR money they’re “fighting over…”

It bugs me to NO END that the “battle” for money or funding is like a SHARK FEEDING FRENZY. But none of these stories ever FOCUS on who’s money it is or was. They act as if this “magic money” is owed to others. No one at your water cooler at the office mentioned this. Why?

All levels of government are funded by TAXES from ordinary people.

How can any municipality “demand” money from the state? Is it written contractually anywhere?
How can any states “demand” money from the federal government? The “superstorm” was nobodies fault!

The fact is that all these publicly-funded-puppets are “in the spotlight” essentially “fighting” over what was once YOUR money.

Shouldn’t you find that INSULTING? “Allegations about Mitigation Money!” What the fuck is “mitigation money” anyway? What happened to taking care of YOURSELF?

Shit, politicians, instead of being bold, finger-pointing entitled snobs – perhaps they should be HUMBLE that the PUBLIC is paying their salaries! Especially with PLATINUM health insurance and other exorbitant “benefits!”

They throw numbers around like “$50 billion” as if it’s chump change that grows on trees. Did you know if they just “returned” the money back to the people they stole it from – it would equate to $5,500 for every man woman and child in NJ? That certainly would help the local economy!

I don’t know. But reading these stories makes me shake my head.

If there is any “LAW” that should be enacted – it should be for the media. There should be a REQUISITE REMINDER at the beginning AND end of EVERY story that talks about “disbursement” of money from the government – that all of that came from someone else.

Because people forget way too easily.

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Euphemisms used by politicians hoping you will forget that this is YOUR $$$$$ MONEY. Four million dollar parking surplus – you money! $80,000 salary for Mayor’s assistant – your money! $1,300,000 ( amt due to failure to negotiate) discrimination lawsuit lost – your money! Incompetent Directors $140,000 a piece) selected only because they acquiesce to Zimmer on everything – your obey! This list goes on and on 😈

Angry Bird
Angry Bird

The same thing goes for those absurd sea walls – funded by all of us.