Hoboken Movie Lineup: 7/18/2014

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesThis weekend we have a violent sequel to a poorly rated movie series entitled “The Purge.” The concept is, that our ever-so-loving “government” gives 12 hours a year for everyone to commit any crime (including murder) without punishment. This follow-up is called The Purge: Anarchy.”

Let me get this out of the way first. 99% of the idiots that roam this earth automatically assume that “Anarchy” is equivalent to mayhem, murder, and “Mad Max” style lawlessness.

Thanks to repeated nonsense that is spewed out of our “media empire” out there, you’d be hard to convince anyone otherwise. However, if you had one single ounce of brain-matter, you’d know that NO, that is not the case. Anarchy is not “kill everyone, last man standing, planet of the apes, run for your lives.” What Anarchy truly is – is more like a “VOLUNTARY, COOPERATIVE” life. I’ll keep it at that for the moment. We’ll talk about that more one day.

Anyway – this sequel just does more to propagate FALSE pretenses about what “anarchy” really is. So I won’t give it much more than that. Propaganda and social conditioning. Avoid at all costs.

Hoboken Movie Trailer: The Purge: Anarchy

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