Double parked babysitting

Is babysitting double parked cars even necessary?

A lot of people can’t comprehend the headache Hoboken police officers have to deal with on a daily basis. They’re instructed by HQ to “clean up the avenue,” which means pushing along the myriad of double parked cars peppering the streets. A thankless job that more often than not gets greeted with angry looks from offending drivers.

Be that as it may – I wonder if “chasing” these double-parked cars is beneficial whatsoever. Because despite the almost constant chirping and pestering by cops, cars ALWAYS return to double park in the same spots. Repeat ad nauseum. Day in and day out.

So with that being said – perhaps the cops should just ignore the double-parked cars – and let the residents and visitors handle the situation themselves. More often than not these double-parked cars are not there for an eternity.

I’d rather have the cops patrolling the town than babysitting every car that temporarily tries to keep commerce flowing in the mile square. A much better use of their time and resources for sure!

double parked car chasing in Hoboken NJ a waste of time

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If the cops want people to stop doing it, why not start ticketing people. It’s illegal to double park, and I bet people would stop doing it quickly.


Ask yourself this: say you were in the woods in July in Maine. Say you realized you left your Deep Woods Off in the car.

You now have dozens of mosquitoes circling every square inch of exposed skin. Do you swat them away ad nauseum? Why bother? They’ll just be back. Immediately.