Hoboken Week in Review – 2/10/2008


Week number six complete!

Greetings to all the new readers that have joined since the last Hoboken Week in Review. Today may be the NFL Pro Bowl, but I doubt there’ll be any “Pro Bowl Parties” this weekend, but some idiot might be desperate enough for attention to throw a “Sundress Pro Bowl Party” or something along those lines…

As always, below you can see the Top 10 updated or newly published articles this week that had the most overall action.


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Your “hat” pisses me off!
    A Sikh man’s Turban + Drunk real estate agent = big profits for Hoboken! (presently in the “year of the fundraiser”)
  2. Menendez is mean!
    Haven’t even read the comments yet, but a local politician plus a soldier in Iraq created lots of discussion!
  3. Eli Manning is a transient resident
    However, Hoboken wants to do something special for the local NY Giants…
  4. Best game ever
    Seriously, the best Super Bowl ever made most locals happy (except the Cowboys and Eagles fans)
  5. Walk this way!
    A bridge being built between Newport and Hoboken. Me thinks people will still drive or take cabs.
  6. YouTube.. ugh!
    A guy makes a rather amateur video about St. Patty’s day. He’s all over the map now.
  7. “Riding the coattails”
    Local councilman Michael Russo endorses a Democratic Presidential candidate. For what?
  8. The A-Rod rumor gets re-incarnated
    Hey, I wouldn’t mind Alex Rodriguez living in Hoboken, so I can bust his balls. However, I think the real estate market is having some tough times here instead.
  9. Real Estate developer tries to BS area residents
    Trammell Crow and Dean Marchetto try the back-door approach to getting their money-printing machine development into Hoboken.
  10. Ugh. Hillary Clinton.
    The woman who “rocks a pant-suit” locally defeats Obama in the battle of the minorities during the Presidential primary.

Coming this week

  • Benefit number… (uh, I can’t count that high..)
    Resurrected local band Krystal rocks the stage at Maxwell’s for yet another Fire Fundraiser TONIGHT… at least this one has musical instruments.
  • Photo opportunity, that’s all
    Local politicians will gather and pose with shovels for the “bridge building” over at the NJ Transit train stations. None of them have engineering degrees.
  • Sigh, another fundraiser
    Michael Russo throws his fundraiser for the fire victims over at the Elks Lodge on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll swing by!

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“. . .but some idiot might be desperate enough for attention to throw a “Sundress Pro Bowl Party” or something along those lines…”

Why bother saying this? It’s not like you two are in competition.