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J. Patryce Design Hoboken 500 Garden - J. Patryce DesignHere’s a business update for today. Taking the spot (a while ago) that was formerly home to Garden’s Bloom at 500 Garden Street is J. Patryce Design (“interior decoration”).

Let’s get the fluff out of the way first: “J. Patryce Design specializes in the planning, design and project management of residences throughout New York and New Jersey. Founded in 2005, this Hoboken interior design firm embodies the vision of its Principal, Joan Enger, blending clean lines with classic elements to ensure elegant, inviting environments.”

For starters – the place does indeed look nice, which I guess can be considered a “testament” to the business itself.

However, the “curiosity” in me always asks questions like:

  • Their website has three testimonials and six projects in their portfolio. Is that enough to make the rent?
  • For a business like this – is it really necessary to have a “street presence?” Where is the $60k or more a year coming from for the rent? Are they doing that well? Or just have “money to burn?” (Counterpoint – it may be well worth it to have an office outside of the house – especially if you have kids).

Either way – it’s nice to have a filled storefront, even if it doesn’t generate exciting foot traffic. Beats “for rent” signs for sure! And a “professional” office like this will certainly help “close the deal” better than just schlepping your giant leather portfolio around to give references. I guess it gives Joan a big load of credibility for her potential customers. I think I picked the wrong career when daydreaming in class.

J. Patryce Design Hoboken NJ 500 Garden Street - J. Patryce Design

Description: Interior Decoration.
Address: 500 Garden Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: (201)683-6936
Email: joan@jpatrycedesign.com
Online: jpatrycedesign.comPinterestFacebook

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