Wacky Nuts

Vendor needs wacky clown to sell nuts in Hoboken

Many of you have noticed the “#1 Nut” vendor downtown selling peanuts, cashews, etc. for a few bucks a bag.

Apparently this is the ONLY vendor in town that needs to hire a friggin’ clown to promote their goods. Are they that hard to sell? I mean a freshly roasted bag of cashews or almonds pretty much sells itself. If they were in NYC and there were five other nut vendors nearby, I can see the logic in making yourself stand out. But with no competition?

And wouldn’t this wacky clown actually deter from sales? I know some girls who have “clown-phobias.”

Wonder what this guy’s “net net” is after he pays the clown, cost of nuts, etc. What’s he making, $20 bucks a day?

(PS – I think this is Hoboken Batman in one of his many “costumes.” Perhaps this is one of those rare instances where “pharmaceutical intervention” might be of use?)

Clown sells nuts in Hoboken

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