More Friday Fun: “Meet Mitt”


Yep, Hoboken411 is a bit off on the deep end today, but I say HAPPY FRIDAY! Woo Hoo!

Wait a minute…

I know no such thing as a Friday, because I’m going crazy running this site SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! Days of the week have no meaning anymore!! I dream in police scanner talk, wrote my will and uploaded it to Flickr, and replaced most words in my vernacular with “post”, “edit” and “moderate,” and think my hard drive speaks to me. I taught my dog HTML, see pebbles on the sidewalk and think “Is that a story?,” and want to get into an Ultimate Fighting match with Bill Gates. I go to sleep when most of you wake up, forget lots of names, and find myself behind the scenes rather than on the scene.

Will I trade this for anything? Never.

With that being said, GET FIRED UP by this hilarious video from Black 20 about Mitt Romney. Something about it just cracks me up! Turn your volume up too!

For good measure, here’s a Hillary Clinton hip-hop video.. not as funny, but…

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