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Looks like a Ralph’s ices is opening on 8th and Washington. They are the best.


[quote comment=”22064″]Dimebags for..I mean…double cones for all![/quote]

The Mister Softee dude deals herb? Cool.

I like the fact that it’s “Mister” and not “Mr.” Lends some much-sought-after credibility in the dog-eat-dog world of ice cream truck oneupmanship.

I had a Mister Softee teeshirt long ago. I wore it with much pride, like, “pretty cool shirt, eh? Want to sleep with me?” It was the traditional cone, swirl and face Mister Softee and he wore an eerie expression like he had a knife hidden in his deceptively soft swirl of sugary gladness.

It eventually got all worn out and discolored and I gave it to Salvation Army along with my Choate Football sweatshirt that I had found in a second hand store in Northampton Mass many moons ago while trashed on Miller longnecks and cough syrup.


[quote comment=”22082″]Ben and Jerry’s free cone day today![/quote]
Free Italian Ice then Free Coffee now Free Ice cream. Yippy though I think there trying to fatten us up for the slaughter. LOL 😐


Ben and Jerry’s free cone day today!


[quote comment=”22069″][quote comment=”22060″]I heard Mr. Softee today!

It happens to all of us every now and then……….I heard there’s a cream you can get[/quote]

That makes no sense… I’m a woman…

[quote comment=”22070″]mr. softee always made me wonder too. when i lived in my old area, I would see his truck out there all hours of the night…[/quote]

He parks by Gold Hawk at night sometimes. Gold Hawk and Ted & Joe’s allow you to bring ice cream into the bar from him.