Happy Independence Day {July 4th}

Happy 4th of July 2016! {July 4th}

Every year, both professionals and amateurs alike “celebrate” this country’s “independence” day by blowing up fireworks (made in China).

We’ve been real lucky in these parts – as no major disasters or accidents have occurred. Maybe things will change this year, who knows.

But for those of you who might dabble in the pyrotechnics this year – here’s a few video reminders of what can go wrong…

And here’s a cool fireworks “experiment” some kids filmed with 500 roman candles bound together. NOT recommended for Hoboken – because if this was attempted here, an entire city block would burn down.

And don’t forget: You gotta go to work tomorrow!

July 4th fireworks accident 720x339 - Happy Independence Day {July 4th}

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