Adams Street “parking”

How do you feel about “parking” on Adams Street?

Adams Street parking Hoboken NJHoboken resident Chris lives in the neighborhood near Adams Street, between 5th and 6th. He documented what takes place in regards to “parking” on any given day.

“If you live on Adams St. between 5th and 6th in Hoboken, you’re familiar to frustrating daily double parking that happens everyday at all times in front of Caporrino’s Liquor Store.

However, if you work for the city, or are “connected” in some way, apparently it is legal to double park in the bike lane all day.

But if you are not a friend of the town, you will get the boot.

Below is a gallery of photos he made – with annotations on each one (click the “full screen” button to be able to read them).

Does the fact that Adams Street is the widest play a role?

We’ve said this in the past – that Adams Street is quite possibly the WIDEST street in Hoboken.

Even with double-parked cars – NJ Transit buses and Hoboken fire trucks or ambulances can get by without any trouble. I would think that (other than inconveniencing a blocked in motorist for a few seconds), this “crime” is relatively harmless. And screw the bike lane, the roads were there before the bike lane paint was wasted implemented. If bicyclists can’t maneuver around this simple obstacle, they shouldn’t ride bikes AT ALL. Ever.

But we do think it’s moronic that a car that was not double-parked ended up getting immobilized by the “Hoboken Pickpocketing Underworld.”

Do you think the “tradition” of double parking along the widest street in town should continue?

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014 3:52 pm

City employees have always considered themselves above the law in this little incestuous city. Regarding this bodega specifically, I always figured there was something illicit going on- sports betting or something. What makes THIS particular bodega SO much busier than any of the dozen others within a few square blocks?!

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