Vallejo Hot Dogs back at Columbus Park

Vallejo Hot Dogs back in action at Columbus Park in Hoboken

Two months ago, the community was saddened by the loss of Jaime Vallejo, a well-loved hot dog vendor near Columbus Park. For a while, local Hoboken businessman Benny Love set up his “Full of Shish” cart there to feed area residents.

However, Jaime’s wife has since brought the cart back into action and is running the show much to the delight of hungry passerby. So to show your support, pick up a dog or two while you’re nearby!

Vallejo Hot Dog Cart back in action near columbus park in Hoboken NJ

Oh – and if you’re wondering where the “Full of Shish” cart went, it was last seen near the hospital at 4th & Clinton Streets:

Full of Shish hot dog cart

“Another day, another dog” in Hoboken!

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